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Medical Professionals

Written by olsonaplc-1a7

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

Medical Professions should be the ones to do the strip searches because they are trained to do it. If a prison guard does them they might not know exactly what they are doing and wont be able to identify as many problems. If a trained doctor would be the one to search the inmates they would not only be able to check for illness better but also be able to relieve them of objects in a better way. The doctor that would preform the searches should be trained highly in that certain area so they are sure what they are doing. When the doctor does the search instead of a prison guard it could help prevent multiple strip searches. Albert Florence was a victim of the multiple strip searches when he was moved from one prison to another. If the search was done by a medical professional it might have helped prevent this from happening.


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Harlan Institute Feedback: What prevents medical professionals, under duress from corrections officers from performing abusive strip searches? Is it their oath or is it something more?