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Written by olsonaplc-217

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

The freedom of speech is protected by the first amendment, but there are limits. A case where a person has been hurt, especially in a professional manner, should not go unpunished. When lies have been made up and started to endanger a person’s job, it cannot go unnoticed. Even if an incident happened outside of school, he/she should be punished because of the factors that it was hurting someone’s reputation, and could even cause the loss of a job. Does it matter that it was a student to principal or teacher? Would the situation actually be the same, under the same circumstances if it was co-worker to co-worker? There have been situations that a worker has either made a comment about their boss, and they have gotten fired, even though they’ve made the comment outside of the work site. It is the same concept, with the making a hate page or a page with lies that were claimed to be “confessions.” Reputations can be hurt, and if the administration would have believed what they saw on the page then a job could have been lost.

If students are bullying other students outside of school, it should be allowed that the school can regulate the internet use, if it is on a school computer. It would not be the school’s business if it wasn’t on a school computer, and what outside of the school area and school time. It is the same way at looking at the teacher who was getting harasses/bullied by a student. But that would need to be punished because it had affected him at school, and his reputation, and possibly his job and co-workers.

In our society if bullying is becoming an issue, I don’t see why cases like this could just be let go. It needs to be stopped by some form of punishment, or what is it going to come to? If it goes unpunished for the kids, no one is ever going to learn that it’s wrong, and the problem is going to keep spreading. What will it lead to? Threats? This has to be looked at from a different point, the principal had no control over what was happening and was being harassed. Is that what our country stands for? Letting people get their feeling hurt, not just kindergarten hurt, but actually affected them, and their work. Our first amendment protects our freedom of speech, yes, but there have to be limits. When it comes to other people’s lives getting affected so much as this principal’s, punishment is the only option.

Don’t let bullying go unnoticed. People have lost their lives because bullying has affected them and never stopped, and there was no way to deal with it. Who says it won’t happen just because he/she’s an adult? No one can guarantee that and we can’t let that keep happening. Our society needs to get a handle on bullying, but first, there will need to be punishment for those who do bully, no matter what age they are, or what form of bullying is going on.



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