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Amicus Brief: MBZ v. Clinton

Written by ap-government-fall-2011-3d3

School: Central York High School
Class: AP Government Fall 2011
Grade: 12th

Jerusalem has been the largest source of controversy in the Middle East for centuries. It’s the claimed origin of the three major religions of our world: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. To claim this provocative city to be the capital of any nation is political suicide for the American government, and could even provoke another Holy War. The United States is one of the main reasons the Palestinians lost their land to the Israelis; putting a huge target on our backs from the Islamic community. Muslim extremist doesn’t need any more incentive for a 9-11 repeat by America taking a stance on this holy city. President Bush’s stance to avoid this conflict was openly and deliberately challenged by the House of Representatives and the Senate passing the Foreign Relations Authorization Act (FRAA), which states in section 214(d) that when making birth certificates for Americans born in Jerusalem, the State Department must list “Israel” as the place of birth at the citizen’s request. Not only does this piece of legislation favor the Jewish citizens of Israel, but it violates Article II of the Constitution that clearly says that the executive branch of government has complete control over foreign policy. This case undoubtedly involves political question and must be dismissed by the Supreme Court.


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