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Amicus Brief – David Brauda

Written by ap-us-government-222

School: Brunswick High School
Class: AP US Government
Grade: 11th

I am writing on behalf of Hosanna-Tabor Church in the defense that they have the right to fire Mrs. Cheryl Perich on the grounds of the Ministerial Exception Clause because Mrs. Perich’s job is under the Hosanna-Tabor Church and even though her teachings are mostly secular they¬† focus their teachings and ethics around their central religious beliefs. Mrs. Perich was diagnosed with narcolepsy and with this problem she is very likely to fall asleep during class which interrupts and effects the students learning capabilities and this leaves a bad impression on the Hosanna Tabor Church which then effects them religiously because many of the people their go their because this is a religious church school. Just like in the case of


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