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Amicus Brief Assignment- Zack Hamilton

Written by ap-us-government-7f

School: Brunswick High School
Class: AP US Government
Grade: 11th

Recently the case of the Hosanna-Tabor Church vs. the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been stiring up controversy. Many people, I’m sure, have been writing in with their own opinions on how this case should go, concerning whether or not the Church’s decision was fair or whether Perich’s condition would limit her from teaching effectively. I, on the other hand, have a more vital issue. I represent the United Athiests of America, and I urge the Court to consider the larger implications of what will happen if they do not approve the Lower Courts decision. Preserving the freedoms of individuals while seeking employment in no way infringes on the First Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion. Multiple cases, chief among them Hastings College of Law vs. Martinez, serve as a precedent that Perich should be able to keep her job without infringing on anyones rights. The fact that the Church didn’t even wait to see if her disability would affect her teaching abilities only further proves that they have abused their power and ministerial exception granted to them by the Americans with Disabilities Act. I hope that the Court will remember how many injustices will continue unpunished if this decision is not affirmed. Thank you for your time.


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