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4th Amendment

Written by olsonaplc-2ca

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

4th Amendment

Tanner Archer

I believe their is a difference between searching a backpack and a phone. The difference that maybe be the most present is that someone’s phone is their own personal item that maybe be used for work or for other things. Phones might have personal family information on them that no on should see. Phones are not used for school things or in school at all unlike a backpack which has all of your school items in which the school owns. If the school doesn’t have any evidence on you I don’t think they should be able to search phones. If the school has hard evidence against one I believe they should be able to search phones. This is a problem that I think is more relevant in city schools. Its a larger problem in cities because drug use and gangs are more in cities rather than in rural schools. Sure it happens in rural schools but I don’t think it happens as much. In either case I still believe that schools should not be able to search ones phone unless they have a previous record or evidence. Schools are a place for education not for the law. Schools may help with the law but it is not their job. Schools take phones away from kids if they are using them during class time. When they get taken away they may go to the principals office for either a day or maybe even a week depending on the school. If they do take phones they should not be able to go through them in any way shape or form if they do not have a reason. The way I feel in our school is that if my phone were taken and was given to the principal I feel like he might look through it. I have read in some cases that schools may want to do drug tests on student athletes. Testing student athletes would be an ok thing because some of the drugs they may be using could enhance their playing skills. It could affect them positively or negatively depending on the drug that they are using. Drugs like steroids are a drug that would most likely help a student athlete. Drugs like meth or cocaine would hurt athletes a lot because they harm the body a lot more then steroids.

In the end though i still believe that a school is a place for education not the law. The law may be brought up in schools from one student telling on another student or by having a hunch. Whether the case may be true or not i do not think the school should be able to check a students personal belongs to try and find out. If the schools wants to do more about it get the police involved and let them deal with it it’s their job. If schools do check it and take time out of the day of learning i believe that is wrong. The police are the people who should come in and handle it but they should not interrupt learning.


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