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The Cost of Safety

Written by olsonaplc-34a

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

Safety is needed in every society. Current events are helping the security get stronger and not letting as much through and giving people a harder time to get through almost anywhere. With what has happened in the past, society is learning from history to try and prevent terrorism.

When the Twin Towers were terrorized, if there would of been a better security and checking, there is a very high chance that that situation could have been prevented. But now, people are coming up with more creative ways to get through the security. People complain about having to go through airport security, but also complaining about terrorism saying that it is preventable. Yes, it is preventable to a certain extent with tough security.

But with some of the security measures that people have to go through, is a little bit over the top. There is a right to your own privacy, but what is being done is just to protect the people. If the wasn’t security or safety at all, what would the world be like, it would be a dangerous place to be.

With the current events that have taken place, officials are doing what they can to prevent bombings, shootings, and killings.

Security at a jail cell is not to invade a persons’ privacy, it is to ensure safety to the others are their and the people caring for them. There is a reason that people are taken to jail, some are worse then others. Jails are there for safety.


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