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The Cost of Safety

Written by olsonaplc-28d

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

If there are any current events that are believed to be threats then there should be a change in security, even though people don’t like the lines and being searched it is better then getting on a plane where there is no where to go and being trapped and threatened to be killed. The latest event that could changed the airport security is the terrorists new form of smuggling bombs by surgically implanting them into them selves, because the scanners can not detect them as easily. There is no clear evidence of this new plan yet but they are labeling this topic as sensitive matters and are using the September 11th event to try and make their decision on whether to proceed and raise the security. The ones who found out about the new plot were the British officials who uncovered intelligence that Al Qaeda was seeking to surgically implant bombs inside people, some believed that by the use of full-body imaging machines at major airports around the world they could find ways to discover the hidden explosives.


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