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Social Cost- Criminal Justice Badge(50 points)

Written by olsonaplc-8d

School: Sioux Central
Class: Olson:APLC
Grade: 11th

Social Cost- Criminal Justice Badge(50 points)

Mr. Florence may have been violated, but if they do not do the cavity search, then there could be dangerous people go in to jail with a dangerous weapon. It is in order to keep others safe. For this reason even if they are not considered dangerous, they need to be checked and cleared. In this case Mr. Florence should not have even been put into jail because he had documents that even showed he paid. They should not be able to arrest someone for something that they have not proven is accurate.

They need to be treated the same way because even people without criminal records for 20 or more years of life have gone off on a rampage and murdered many people. It is hard to trust people and know whether they tell you the truth or not. We need to treat them the same. It is for the safety of others.


This post has been awarded the
Criminal Justice Badge (50 points)

Harlan Institute Feedback: What should be the standard for "something that they have not proven is accurate"? If police must arrest suspects on full information and proof of accuracy, then what is the point of the trial?