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Separation of Powers Badge

Our system of government is divided into three branches–the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. However, the separation of these powers is not always so clear.

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Historical Context

by ap-government-fall-2011-181 (Central York High School) - Mar 21, 2012

Historical Context

The main conflict in this case is based on a key component of the Constitution – that powers and responsibilities are carefully divided betwee...

Historical Content: MBZ v. Clinton

by ap-government-fall-2011-3d3 (Central York High School) - Mar 21, 2012

The British monarchial government held complete control over the citizens of Great Britain and every sector of its government. For this reason our founding fathers established the three b...

Historical Context

by ap-government-fall-2011-38c (Central York High School) - Mar 21, 2012

Historical Context


I think the Framers of the Constitution structured our government into three branches as a way of dividing the power so no specifi...

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