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Legislative Process Badge

Consider how a bill becomes a law, and how this impacts whether the law is constitutional.

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Historical Context

by ap-government-fall-2011-1b3 (Central York High School) - Mar 25, 2012

I believe that the Founding Fathers separated the powers of our government in such a way because they wanted to make sure that no one official or group gains too much power. It all relate...

Legislative Process Badge

by american-government-344 (Northwood-Kensett) - Dec 23, 2011

Amending the Americans Disabilities Act so that it applies to everyone would limit the rights of churches and other religious groups, but in this case, it would help support Perich. Altho...

Eliminating the Ministerial Exception

by honors-government-13c (Somerset Senior High School) - Dec 21, 2011

Eliminating the Ministerial Exception? ~ Legislative Process Badge


Hosanna-TaborChurchv. Equal Employment ...

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