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Employees’ Rights Badge

Consider how the rights of employers balance with the rights of employees.

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Free Exercise Clause

by ap-government-fall-2011-1b3 (Central York High School) - Mar 25, 2012

I agree with the ministerial exception ideology. The First Amendment of the Constitution blocks the Government from making any sort of law or choice that would impede the beliefs of a rel...

Discrimination & Religious Employees

by ap-government-fall-2011-303 (Central York High School) - Mar 21, 2012

I definitely could see churches having special powers a problem sometimes. There are always going to be people and organizations that will take advantage of powers that they have. So in c...

Discrimination and Religious Employees

by concrim-2011-28f (Totino-Grace High School) - Mar 05, 2012

   In the Seventeen years of my life I have saw many people take advantage of other people in any kind of situation. Many people would say religious institutions could take a...

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