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Public Opinion and Health Care

by the-watertown-gosling-law-class-14c (Watertown High School) - Jun 01, 2012

I don’t think that the courts popularity should play in any role of the case. Because we are a equal nation with equal opportunity and our country should not run on popularity. I think ...

Public opinion and health care

by the-watertown-gosling-law-class-dd (Watertown High School) - Jun 01, 2012

The public opinion of the law should play a role, only to the extent of who voted and what position they have in the economy. Of course people who play the system to get free health care ...

The Free Exercise Clause

by ap-government-fall-2011-2fa (Central York High School) - Mar 25, 2012

In the end I do not agree that ministerial exception allows employment laws to be overlooked for it would violate their free exercise. As long as the law applies to all religions and chur...

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