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Civil Rights Badge

Learn about how our Constitution protects and promotes civil rights.

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The Cost of Safety

by ap-government-fall-2011-1b3 (Central York High School) - Mar 25, 2012

Current Events should affect the balance of safety measures. While granted you can’t lower your guard anymore in this world, you should still be able to find a way to weed out all the r...

The Cost of Safety

by ap-government-fall-2011-313 (Central York High School) - Mar 25, 2012

Over the past decade, Americans have seen a drastic tightening of security, especially at airports. This increased security is for good reason though, as it is the result of the 9/11 atta...

The Cost of Safety

by ap-government-fall-2011-303 (Central York High School) - Mar 21, 2012

I personally do not think that we should base the amount of security that we have on current events that have happened. There should always be a high level of security no matter when the ...

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