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Amicus Brief Badge

Pretend that you are a lawyer and you represent a group who wants a certain side to win in a Supreme Court case. Write a 200 word Amicus (latin for Friend of the Court) Brief, arguing why the Court should consider the interests of your client. The goal of an amicus brief is to provide information to the court about the implications of their decision beyond the affect it will have on the two parties who appear before them.  Be sure to include citations to the cases, and make a strong policy argument why your side should win.

Latest Awards

Amicus Brief- Cecilia Thomas

by ap-us-government-2b1 (Brunswick High School) - Mar 25, 2012

The court should consider the interests of my client, Hosanna-Tabor Church, because they were clearly exercising their right to free exercise, which is written in the first amendment. The...

Amicus Brief, Tee Martin

by ap-us-government-8c (Brunswick High School) - Mar 25, 2012

As being said several times, the First Amendment states that there is freedom of religion meaning that the church can exercise religion and choices being made freely. The Americans with D...

Amicus Brief Assignment- Zack Hamilton

by ap-us-government-7f (Brunswick High School) - Mar 25, 2012

Recently the case of the Hosanna-Tabor Church vs. the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been stiring up controversy. Many people, I’m sure, have been writing in with the...

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